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Stationery Items

Stapler, stapler pin, punching machine, paper punching machine, stapler pin remover,stapler gun machine, paper pin, jump clip, I pin, bell pin, binder Clip, magic clip, magic clip machine, pen, Ink pen, fountain pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, register, notebooks, scrubling pad, permanent marker, white board marker, paint marker, fevistick, blue stick, gum, paste, geometry box, exam pad, tag, scissors, board pin, white board, display board, whitener pen, correction pen, rubber band, new year diary, cello tape, brown tape, double side tape, abro tape, masking tape, tissue tape, paper tape, double side foam tape, PA tape, floor marking tape, tissue stand, cello fine grip, bitco, brill, parker, unibor,oswal, built, Matrix, marshall, rotomac file, divider, file seperator, coras, diamond, eagle.

Paper & Paper Product

Xerox paper, JK, HP, TNPL, Sparkle, B2B, My Choice, Andhra, Built, Kores.
white cover, brown cover, cloth cover, white envelope, brown envelope, A4 envelope, color laser paper, photo glossy paper, certificate paper

Files & Folders

Box file, spring file, tag file, AJS brand, NJS, trio, Neo, SPS, SVS, Diamond, B2B, veliba arch file, Icon, bismi, MS, rexine file. L- folder, LM folder, A4 pouch, A3 pouch, sheet proctector, punch folder, velcro folder, morocro folder, button folder, khadi folder, file folder, stick file, punch lays, A3 trimas, clip file, A4 leaf file, A3 leaf file, leaf folder, certificate file, transparent folder.

Housekeeping Materials

Floor cleaning material, toilet cleaning material,glass cleaning material, taski, multi purpose taski, mop, mop stick, eg mop, dry mop, phenyol, harpic, dettol, colin, vim bar, vim liquid, sparkle, mclean, prill, sabena, naphthalane ball, urine caps, odonil, air wick, room spray, domex, tissue paper, tissue roll, toilet roll, glass cloth, yellow cloth, checked cloth, liol, acid, scrotch brite, fem, garbic, mosquito hit, coachroach hit, mortine sparay, soft broom, hard broom, soft broom in plastic, hard broom in plastic, allout, brasso, silvo, baygon spray, bucket, dust bin, dust bin bended type, dust bin drum type, carpet brush, foot mat, door mat, dettol hand wash, dust bin cover plastic, soap oil, fresh one, floor brush, floor cloth, gala mOP, homocole, hand wash soap (hamam, dettol, lifebuoy, medimix), klean flush, mug, muram, automatic room spray, soap oil stand.

  • Plastic File
  • Box File
  • Spring File
  • Clip File
  • Pen & Pencil
  • Geomatry Box
  • Erraser
  • Charts
  • CPU & Mornitor
  • LCD & LED
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • RAM & Hard-Disk
  • Harpic & Colin
  • Phenol & Lyzol
  • Cleaning Acid
  • Cleaning Items

  • Pen Stands
  • Flower Pots
  • Phone Stands
  • Poster & Water Color
  • Fabric Color
  • Paint Brush
  • Mother-board
  • Computer Accessories
  • Processer
  • Leg-open dustbin
  • Metal dustbin
  • Plastic dustbin


  • Notice Board
  • White Board
  • Display Board

  • Full-Scap & Note Books
  • Classmate Note Books
  • Ruled & Unruled Book

  • Laptop
  • Webcam
  • Pendrive

  • Water Squeeze
  • Mopstick
  • Mop Refill

  • Glue Stick
  • Fevistick
  • Fevicol
  • Simple Calculator
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Fax machine
  • Tech. Accessories
  • RAM & HDD
  • CDS & DVDS
  • Phenol,Colin
  • Lyzol,Hyrpic
  • Odonil

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